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Recovery Techniques & Practices for Optimal Health

When it comes to recovery, there are many aspects that one may be seeking to address, such as muscle and joint recovery, nervous system recovery, as well as mental recovery. Recovery is a natural process that occurs in all bodily systems, and the reality of it is that recovery takes time. However, certain lifestyle choices and recovery practices can aid to alleviate the time needed for the body to recover well. The purpose of this article is to focus on muscle and joint recovery from an athletic perspective; although, recovery of the nervous system and the mind will also be touched on.

The Power of the Circadian Clock and the Sun

Imagine a time period tens of thousands of years ago when our hunter-gatherer ancestors dwelled upon the earth’s surface. It may be resemblant of a time when the daily activity of early, modern humans was almost solely determined by the power of the sun and its cosmic rays, shedding down upon populations before surely setting for the evening. Daylight was expensive and had to be used wisely in order to find that day’s meal necessary for these tribes to thrive. As the sun began to rise and the birds began to chirp, these sensory cues were taken into the brain via the eyes, skin and ears and molded the rhythm of the day—not knowing that the beginning of their day, greeted by light, would be a determinant as to when the eyes would soon close, allowing for the sleep-regenerative properties to reoccur and continue to cycle. Human beings are a creature of this earth, and you better believe we were meant to be under the sun.