My Story

“I’m here to help others through sharing my experiences and knowledge, regarding science and proven practices, that can act as that extra push you need to get over the hump and conquer your dreams”

-Max Doron

My Story

What you will find here at MaxifyD is a distinct perspective on nutrition, training, health, wellness, and longevity that will be offered from the lens of science, experimentation, and ancestral mastery. Every person is unique and requires varying treatments and protocols in order to obtain personal success and growth. My goal is to offer each and every one of you continuous tools and practices that will assist you to achieve your goals—not only in the gym and kitchen but to also achieve a well-rounded mental, spiritual and emotional state. I’m here to help others through my experiences and knowledge regarding science and proven practices that can act as the extra push you need to get over the hump and conquer your dreams. Come be a part of my journey and let’s explore what the human body is capable of.

Ever since I was a young kid, growing up in the foothills of Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve been fascinated with the human body and what it can be capable of. I began with an interest in nutrition and physical activity; however, my interests continued to grow and branch out. Once I moved to Southern California at the age of 20 years old, I was enrolled in school at a junior college with no idea what I wanted to focus on. In order to obtain my general education certificate, allowing me eligibility to transfer to a university, it was required that I take a physical science class. The only class available was microbiology; it didn’t take long for me to become quickly enveloped in the curriculum and to realize how amazing biological systems can behave, and how each and every organism can constantly—and efficiently—adapt to new conditions introduced into the environment. I had an epiphany and realized that the human body is subject to change and adapt to new conditions—just as a small microbe is. I really began to focus my energy on how manipulation of the surrounding environment can invoke either amazing or detrimental changes in one’s life.

What do I mean my manipulation of environment? We are all constantly and consistently adapting to whatever environment we surround ourselves, giving our cells new information each and every second that will impact what genes get expressed and which ones are being locked away in our DNA; this concept is simply referred to as epigenetics. We can all make conscious decisions as to what environment we place ourselves: we can either choose to get up and move around, placing new stimuli on our muscles and bones; or we can stay in bed and be lazy. We can choose what to put into our bodies, we can choose whether we go out in the sun or stay indoors, we can choose whether we want to practice meditation and breath work. The point is, that every conscious decision you make will affect your body on a cellular level, for better or worse. 



Being in Southern California, away from my friends and family, beginning to discover my passion for the human body, I didn’t have much. What I did have was time and ambition. I became very self-aware as to what nutritional requirements my body needed and how to get optimal performance out of my diet, in addition to physical training. I began to consume information voraciously and practice new techniques in and out of the gym. It wasn’t long until I was fortunate enough to have an internship with the supplement company, Musclepharm. It was there that I learned the teachings of Cory Gregory and discovered the work ethic necessary for true success and fulfillment. 

I ended up transferring to Chapman University and am currently a senior approaching graduation where I will receive my Bachelors of Science in Biology. Although my education has been extremely valuable and It had helped lead me to where I am now, my greatest experiences and knowledge come from my own willingness to be the best version of myself—which improves every day.

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